Adel Khattab

• Advisor of the Egyptian Ministry of Health for Chest Diseases and Pandemic Flu since April, 2006.

• Chairman of the Board of the Egyptian Fellowship of Chest Diseases since 2008.

• Fellow of the American College of Chest Physician, Member of the European Society of Respiratory Diseases.

• Member of the Egyptian Society of Chest Diseases & Tuberculosis, and Member of the Board issued the Egyptian Guidelines of: Tuberculosis, Bronchial Asthma, COPD, and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.

• The first author published the “ Guidelines for the Pandemic H1 N1 for the Middle East” with collaboration of the EMRO-WHO.

• The first author in paper titled ( Burden of pediatric influenza A virus infection post swine flu H1N1 pandemic in Egypt ) published in Asian pacificjournal of tropical medicine (2013) 693 – 689.